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Around 1890 Frediano Chiocchetti, grandfather of the current owner, was received among the goldsmiths of Florence and Lucca, in order to perfect the art of engraving and chiselling. Favourite pupil of the great goldsmith Nicola Farnesi, Frediano produced and directed numerous works of religious art, still preserved in various Priories and partly in the Vatican.
In 1896, together with his brother Angelo, Frediano decided to set up a jewellery business. Thus was born the boutique “Fratelli (F.lli) Chiocchetti”, which in 1912 moved to its present location, at number 20 on via Fillungo. The outbreak of World War I, with the call to arms of his brother Angelo and all the employees, saw the arrival of young Alfredo, son of Frediano, who joined the company.
When the conflict ceased, Frediano went back to his chisels in his laboratory and expanded the production of gold and jewellery, leaving his son Alfredo to manage the company. In 1919, he opened a summer boutique in Viareggio, which shortly became a meeting place of illustrious people such as Giacomo Puccini, Lorenzo Viani and other members of the artistic and literary scene of the time. The venue was forced to close due to WW2 in 1942.
After the difficult years after the war and the reconstruction, the company Chiocchetti continued its activity with renewed energy and passion.
The 1970s saw the arrival of Frediano, Alfredo’s son, a restless entrepreneurial spirit that, thanks to his studies in Economics and an endless travels around the world, in search of precious stones in less explored markets around the world, enriched the offer of the company and established direct relationships for the supply of stones and antiques.
In 2011 Alberto, the fourth generation from the founding patriarch, after his studies in Gemmology and Business at the Gemmological Institute of America, joined the family businness.
He is looking for the right balance between tradition and innovation, of which this website is a first sign.


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